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Engage in live online classes with high-quality audio and video, encouraging active participation and interaction

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Über uns

Welcome to Labra-Deutsch

At Labra-Deutsch, we pride ourselves on offering a unique language learning experience that stands out from the rest. Here's a concise summary of what sets us apart:

Outstanding Experience & Problem Identification: We don't just teach German; we provide an exceptional learning journey, identifying and addressing each learner’s specific language challenges.

Active Correction & Support Towards Perfection: Our approach involves active correction and comprehensive support, aiming to help you achieve linguistic perfection.

Empathetic Understanding: We understand the challenges of language learning and approach each student with empathy and patience.

Friendly and Familial Atmosphere: At our school, every student is treated not just as a learner, but as a friend or a family member, fostering a warm and supportive environment.

Weekly Communication Lessons: We emphasize practical communication skills with weekly lessons focused on real-life conversational German.

Realistic Digital Simulation of Exams: Our students benefit from digital simulations of exams in a relaxed and supportive setting, preparing them effectively for actual tests.

By choosing Labra-Deutsch, you’re not just learning a language, but becoming part of a community dedicated to excellence, support, and personal growth in German language proficiency.

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